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What is the Fastest Food in the World

The fastest food, many people want to know what that is, what is the fastest food in the world? By fastest food, we mean food that is delivered to you in the fastest time possible at a restaurant or other location. In most cases, restaurant food is considered one of the staples of fast food because most people are familiar with restaurants. Fast food is popular all over the world. That’s why people are more familiar with this aspect and most people will accept it as fast food.

But there is an example of such a dish Goalabazar Carnegie’s restaurant prepared a dish by it in the fastest time they got its recognition in 1996 and is said to have taken place for the first time.

That’s right, Guadalajara’s Carne Garibaldi restaurant is recognized by the Guinness World Record for fastest food service. They earned this honor in 1996 when their waiters prepared an entire menu in just 13.5 seconds. “It started as a game between the waiters to see who could bring the food to each table the fastest.” 20 years after setting that record, waiters still pride themselves on speed of service and most customers will find their food arrives within a minute of ordering.

However, if we discuss the explanation of the fastest food in detail, people from different parts of the world make different comments on Quora, one of the most popular sites in the world. If we observe them, we can understand the thoughts of different people. Let’s see about the different types of fast food comments from different parts of the world –

Matthew Dickinson

Data Scientist (KTP Accociate) at University of Sunderland UK (2018–present)

It depends on the way you look at it, as i have split my answer into three areas, speed of eating, preparation and farming.

Speed of Eating

If you consider your 2000 calories a day the fastest food in order to get this would be sugar. That being if you consider foods with a 60:30:10 split between carbs, fats and protein. The fasted healthy food would mostly be a sandwich.

Speed of Preparation

This is a difficult one as preparation could include everything between the farm and the end user. in terms of cooking the fastests food are often deep fried although these often have long factory processes. the fastests foods in terms of preparation would be foods that don’t require preparation such as fruits.

Speed of Farming

The speed at which food matures can vary significantly one of the fastests foods to grow would be radishes. these grown in 20–30 days. although there are fasters growing foods such as watermeal which mature in as little as 3 – 4 days although it is not often eaten,

Overall the fastest food is probably radishes as the grow quickly, require little preparation and would be fast to eat.

Finkxui Fingalby

Fast and fastest foods are those ripe and ready to be picked and eaten without further delay. A food you can pick and eat without further ado counts as an elite category of fast performance foods. Food wise anything that moves is going to be slow.

Quick as you can or the insects and birds will get their faster than Mac the Knife. Right now I can pick and plop Victroria plumbs, Morrelo cherries, currants black and delicious ripe red strawberries in my mouth straight from the bush, ground or trees in our wild garden’s orchard full of the fastest foods on earth and they taste out of this world. Only if you have never picked your own fast food and tasted them quite as quick and fast as they fall from the bushes and trees with wind and rain arriveing just in time and the beasts clean up slowly steadily all trace of one seasons faster than another speedy coming and going.

Uber quick Divine bunch of cherries. Amarillo Morrello Manaraama.

Karol Gabriel Thornton-Remiszewski


What is the fastest food in the world?

Certain kinds of salads can be made very quickly.

For example, take a can of chick peas, a bunch of baby spinach leaves, a tomato and some curry paste. Slice the tomato, mix everything together, salad is ready to eat.

Or take a bunch of different kinds of berries (preferably not strawberries, as they often have to have leaves removed, which takes more time), throw them all together in a sieve, rinse and drain them, throw them in a bowl and eat.


I’m confused about the question, but I will offer a few scenarios.

If you mean the fastest served food, that is from Karne Garibaldi, which is a Mexican restaurant and holds the world record when the waiters were able to lay out a full menu of food within 13.5 seconds.

The fastest growing food is sunflower micro greens, which take just 12–14 days to grow.

And the fastest animal that we eat is probably an American antelope, which can run at speeds of up to 88.5 kilometres per hour.

I hope this helps!

Chris Ebbert

fluffy-slippered civilian

Apples. Grab and eat.

Yes, you could do that with a sugar cube – but that isn’t food. An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, it’s also something you could theoretically live on for the rest of your life, because it contains pretty much everything we need.

And if there is a worm in it, you even get your protein.

Just kidding. But if you put together an apple and some other fruit, plus a few veggies (carrots, tomatoes, radishes) and nuts, rolled oats, and honey, you are definitely in super fast food territory, and can keep it up for life.

None of these things need to be cooked to be eaten, and actually, not even unwrapped, normally. You can just throw it all together in a lunch box and go.

There are many other such comments. But the most acceptable information is given here.

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