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Top 10 Richest Man in Assam

Here is a list of the richest people in Assam. Every year a list of rich people is prepared according to the calculation of human wealth. Sometimes those who are in the top 10 richest people may not be there next time. People’s wealth changes over time and so does the list of the rich. There are many rich people in Assam who have a lot of wealth.

They have made their wealth according to their efforts, their talents and hard work. Over time, Assam has made its mark on the list of richest people.

Speaking of Assam, Assam is a state located on the northeastern border of India. This northeastern Indian state is located south of the Himalayas and is bounded by the Brahmaputra River, the Barak Valley and the northern Cachar Mountains.

Assam is bounded by six more states of North-East India, namely Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya. However, one-third of the population of Assam is Bengali. Assam has been known for tea and Assam silk since British times. These two industries continue to make significant contributions to the economy of Assam.

 These two industries have important contributions to the wealth of the best rich. Below is a list of the richest people in Assam and the list of richest people, along with their wealth and personal information.

1. Dipankar Dutta

Dipankar Dutt tops the list of richest people in Assam. He is the founder and president of CEC. It is an association for acquiring skills in information technology. Various computer related trainings Fashion Designing Journalism offers various training courses including interior decoration.

CEC was established in 1994. So far CEC has entered its 17th year with a brilliant record of more than 100,000 successful candidates. There are also more than 130 centers throughout the Northeast. The main reason behind the success achieved in this short span of 16 years is the unique focus on the students which enhances their ability to acquire and synthesize knowledge in the chosen field of study.

2. Shyam Kanu Mahanta

Shyam Kanu Mahanta is at the 2nd position in the list of richest people in Assam. He is the Managing Director of MMS Advisory. Hit is one of the largest companies in the Northeast. He was also known as MM’s chief of staff.

Shyam Kanu Mahanta is the promoter of North East Festival Delhi, Color of North East Mumbai, North East India Festival Bangkok and Rongali in Assam. These initiatives have helped NE to build a brand and promote tourism and trade He was also the Vice President of IL&FS.

3. Shree Alen Ahmed

Mr. Allen Ahmed is the third richest person in Assam. He is the founder and managing director of Neha Builders. Since its inception, NEHA BUILDERS has grown in experience, sustainable and stable, with today’s annual building volume reaching over 100 million and the workforce of over 100 employees.

Mr. Allen dropped out of his MBA to help his father’s cinema hall business. The late Alauddin Ahmed who built the first cinema hall in Guwahati. Which is a huge land of about 2 acres. Alauddin Ahmed built a total of 4 cinema halls throughout his life, relying on his successor to expand his business.

4. Sanjukta Dutta

Sanjukta Dutta is the fourth richest person in Assam. She is a famous fashion designer. She has worked with many international fashion houses. She has also presented her designs at various fashion shows in the country and abroad. He also worked with the Assam government in PWD.

Sanjukta believes that clothing is not just a piece of cloth but an original and integral part of every person and their identity. Another part of her belief is that one’s dress tells a story.

5. Mr. Kailash Lohia

Kailash Lohia is the fifth richest man in Assam. Mr. Kailash Lohia is one of the prominent businessmen in the North East. He is one of the prominent citizens of Assam. It has a market leadership in the Northeast for the sale of galvanized sheets, MS ingots, bars, ferro alloys, industrial oxygen, etc., with an unparalleled network with many real estate enterprises.

In the early 90’s when there was a revolt in the Northeast. At that time, Kailash Ruhia continued his business. Basically his business acumen, foresight, helped keep his business afloat even in difficult times.

6. Mr. Suresh Prithani

Mr. Suresh Prithani was known as the sixth richest person in Assam. Mr. Suresh Patani is basically a businessman. One of the leading real estate developers in Guwahati, Assam. In 1987, the Brahmaputra Consortium was founded by Suresh Kumar Prithani. The company was primarily involved in the real estate business. The company is also building a hydroelectric power project in Subansiri. Moreover, the company has successfully secured an order from the Northeast coalfield and has ventured into mining.

However, the company was later transformed into a public limited company, later renamed as Messrs. Messrs. Brahmaputra Consortium Ltd. It was expanded on 2 September 1998.

7.Badruddin Ajmal.

Badrul Ajmal is the seventh richest man in Assam. Badruddin Ajmal is an industrialist, businessman and a social worker. He is also a Member of the Dhubri Lok Sabha of the Indian Parliament. He is the Chairman of Ajmal Group of Companies. This company mainly supplies various types of perfumes with essential oils.

Ajmal was listed as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world in 2015-16, published by the Royal Islamic Center for Strategic Studies in Jordan. He is the president of Jamiat Ulama Hind in the state of Assam. Ajmal was the chairman of the 2004 Hojai session committee of the Assam Sahitya Sabha

8. Barooah Family

The Barua family is in the eighth position in the list of richest people of Assam. Hemendra Prasad Barua was an entrepreneur. He is well known for his significant contributions to the tea and tourism industry in Assam. The Government of India, in 2013, awarded him the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award for his contribution to trade and industry. After Barua’s death, all the members of Barua’s family owned his property.

9. Chokhani Prakash

Chokhani Prakash is in the ninth place in the list of rich people of Assam. He is the Chairman of Mahadeobari Tea Co Ltd. Prakash Choukhani is a prominent tea farmer in the state. He owns four tea gardens. His Mahadevbari tea is a popular brand. Her panties are spread almost all over the state.

10. Tanushree Hazarika

Tanushree Hazarika is ranked tenth in the list of richest people in Assam. He is a successful entrepreneur. He is the Managing Director of Electic Group. Publisher of the English magazine Eclectic North-East. She founded Tattva Creations in 2010, an agency which provides integrated marketing solutions. It is an organization that provides integrated marketing solutions. Then in 2013 the Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival kicked off, a landmark event in creating a boutique platform to promote meaningful movies and bring together film talent.

He was also elected from the Nortiang constituency as a candidate of the National People’s Party in the Meghalaya Assembly. Tanushree’s latest venture is Atvi Infotainment, a content creation company, co-founded in 2018 with the goal of paving the way for digital media and entertainment.

Tanushree graduated from Boston University, School of Management with a degree in Business Management. Before starting his entrepreneurial journey in India, he worked in MNCs like Fidelity and Morgan Stanley in the United States.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. One of the reasons for this is that the details of the wealth of the rich were not available in government offices. Or the information was not published in any other special magazine. Moreover, they did not disclose the details of their assets in person. Due to which most of the direct reliance is on conjecture. But those on the rich list must own a lot of wealth. We are hopeful that they will be included in the actual survey.

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