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Top 10 Richest Man in Asia 2022

India’s top industrialist Gautam Adani has been named the richest man in Asia after Mukesh Ambani. Asia has grown rapidly in its economy and the number of millionaires within the continent has increased. As their fortunes and influence continue to grow, Asia’s richest people have taken on an external role in Asia’s economic and cultural life.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Gautam Adani’s net worth was 88.8 billion and Mukesh Ambani’s was 91 billion. At present, however, Mukesh Ambani’s wealth has increased by only 14.3 billion on an annual basis, while Gautam Adani’s wealth has increased by 55 billion.

According to the report, Adani Sports, Adani Enterprise and Adani Transmission are doing quite well at present. In addition to these three companies there are Adani Green, Adani Total Gas and Adani Power. At present, the share prices of Adani Group’s listed companies are rising; Due to which the amount of assets of Adani company is increasing rapidly. Gautam Adani is going to start another company.

According to Forbes magazine’s Realtime Data Networth, Adani is the 11th richest person in the world.

RankNameNet worth (USD):CountrySource(s) of wealth
1Gautam Adani90.4 billionIndiaAdani Group
2Mukesh Ambani90.3 billionIndiaReliance Industries
3Zhang Shanshan75 billionChinaNongfu Spring
4Zhang Yiming59.4 billionChinaByteDance
5Robin Zeng53.4 billionHong KongCATL
6Ma Huateng49.1 billionChinaTencent
7Jack Ma37.9 billionChinaAlibaba Group
8He Xiangjian32.9 billionChinaMidea Group
9William Lei Ding31.9ChinaNetEase
10Chearavanont Brothers30.2 billionThailandFast Retailing

1. Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani is the 1st richest person in Asia. He has risen to the top of the list of the richest people in India and Asia due to the recent rise in his company’s share price. Adani is the chairman and founder of the Adani Group of India. His net worth is 90.4 billion. 

The Adani Group was founded in 1988 by Gautam Adani. It gradually became the leading power generator and port operator in India.

In 2019 the group named the airport business. At present, there are six companies of Adani Group listed in the capital market. All but one of Adani Group’s trading stocks have risen 50 percent this year. In some businesses, Adani’s profit margin has exceeded 90 percent.

Country: India

Net worth: US$90.4 billion

Asia Rank : 1

2. Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Adani is the 2nd richest person in Asia. Mukesh Ambani has moved up to the second position from the list of the richest people in Asia due to the recent rise in the share price of Gautam Adani Company.

Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited of India. Ambani’s net worth stands at 90.3 billion as the company recently increased its petrochemical refining capacity. One of the Global 500 companies and one of the most valuable companies in India in terms of market value.

Mukesh attended Hill Grange High School, Pedder Road, Mumbai. He holds a BE degree in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology (UDCT). Mukesh later completed his MBA at Stanford University.

Country: India

Net worth: US 90.3 billion

Asia Rank: 2

3. Zhang Shanshan

Zhang Shanshan is the 3rd richest person in Asia. She is the founder and chairperson of Nongfu Spring Beverage Company. He also owns a majority stake in Beijing OneTai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise. Its total assets amount to 75 billion.

Zhang Shanshan founded his water sales company Nongfu Spring in Zhejiang Province in 1996. His fortunes have changed recently as his company’s share price has risen and the share of the vaccine company he is a partner has risen.

Zhang’s Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise is listed on the Chinese Stock Exchange. The assets of its controlling portion of the firm increased to 20 billion in August alone. Zhang was ranked 13th on the Forbes Billionaire 2021 list.

Country: China

Net worth: US 75 billion

Asia Rank: 3

4. Zhang Yiming

Zhang Yiming is the 4th richest person in Asia. He is an internet entrepreneur. He founded the Internet-based organization in 2012. He also created news aggregator Toutiao and video sharing platform TikTok. It basically shares a variety of entertaining videos. But previously it was called It is one of the most popular video sharing platforms in China. His net worth is 59.4 billion.

On November 4, 2021, Zhang Eming resigned as CEO of ByteDance. Liang Rubo takes over as new CEO

At the beginning of his career in 2006, Zhang became the fifth employee and the first engineer of the travel website Kuksun. He was later promoted to technical director. He also works for Microsoft. In 2009, Zhang took over the real estate search business in Kuksun and started his first company,

Country: China

Net worth: US 59.4 billion

Asia Rank: 4

5. Robin Zeng

Robin Zeng is the 5th richest person in Asia. He is a billionaire entrepreneur. He is the founder and chairman of CATL, one of the largest battery manufacturers in China. In 1999, Zheng founded Amperex Technology Limited (ATL), a battery manufacturing company. Its total assets amount to 53.4 billion.

His company was later acquired by two Japanese companies. Zheng continued to work as the manager of that company. Zheng made lithium-ion rechargeable batteries at the company in 2012 and became one of the world’s leading manufacturers in subsequent years.

In private life, Robin Zheng is also known as Yukon. Zheng Fujian Province. He has a PhD. In Physics from the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Country: Hong Kong, China

Net worth: US 53.4 billion

Asia Rank: 5

6. Ma Huateng

Ma Huateng is the 6th richest person in Asia. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of the world famous Tencent. Earlier, according to the Shanghai Central Resource Research Institute, Hurun, he was the richest man in China, the world’s second-largest economy. His net worth is 49.1 billion.

Tencent is one of the most valuable companies in Asia, one of the largest internet and technology companies and one of the largest investment, gaming and entertainment companies in the world. The company develops WeChat, China’s largest mobile instant messaging service, and its affiliates provide media and entertainment, payment systems, smartphones, Internet-related services, value-added services and online advertising services in China and worldwide.

Country: China

Net worth: US 49.1 billion

Asia Rank: 6

7. Jack Ma

Jack Ma is the 7th richest person in Asia. Jack Ma is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group. Jack Ma’s current net worth is 37.9 billion. In addition to Alibaba, he co-founded Yunfeng Capital, a private equity firm. It has a 7.8% stake in Alibaba and about 50% of its stake in payment processing company AliPay.

China’s e-commerce giant Jack Marr 2021 has a personal wealth of 44 billion. He has come down a few steps from his position due to business losses this year. With the founding of Alibaba in 1999, 57-year-old Jack Ma gradually rose to the top of the list.

Jack Marr’s reputation as the founder of the e-commerce company Ali Baba spread throughout the world, including the largest in China. In 2018, he announced that he would retire from Alibaba. Next time he will follow a variety of educational work, philanthropic and environmental factors.

Country: China

Net worth: US 37.9 billion

Asia Rank: 7

8. He Xiangjian

He Xiangjian is the 8th richest person in Asia. He is a billionaire businessman in China. He is the co-founder of Midea. Midea is basically one of the largest machinery manufacturers in China. His net worth is 32.9 billion.

Midea Group acquired an 80% controlling stake in Toshiba Home Appliances. In addition, the company has a 95% stake in robot firm Kuka.

Xiangjian participates in a variety of social activities. One of them is disaster relief and plays an important role in education and environment development. That’s why he set up a foundation called the Jiangxian Foundation. He also spent 2.3 million on earthquake relief activities in Qinghai Province.

Country: China

Net worth: US 32.9 billion

Asia Rank: 8

9. William Lei Ding

William Lei Ding is the 8th richest person in Asia. He is a Chinese businessman. He is the founder and CEO of NetEase ( NetEase is an Internet technology company. Provides Internet and commercial-centric online services in the largest China. The company also develops and manages mobile games advertising online PC services. Lei Ding has a net worth of 31.9 million.

Ding has made significant contributions to the development of networks in mainland China. Ding invested 23 23 million in 2017 on several other farms, including venture capital firm Synovation Ventures, Meituan-Dianping.

After graduating, he first worked in the state department as an engineer in Ningbo. He later founded NetEase. And in 2003 became the richest man in mainland China.

Country: China

Net worth: US 31.9 billion

Asia Rank: 9

10. Chearavanont Brothers

Chearavanont Brothers is the 10th richest person in Asia. As the only billionaire businessman in Thailand, Chervanant is in the top 10 in Asia. He is the senior chairman of CP Group, the largest company in Thailand. He and his brothers have a combined net worth of 30.2 billion.

The world’s largest feed, shrimp producer, and the world’s top three poultry, among other agricultural products.

CPF is one of the largest feed, shrimp producers, three poultry and other agricultural producers in the world. The company has been successfully conducting its business in almost 21 countries around the world. Besides, it is one of the most successful companies in the telecom sector. With over 25 million mobile subscribers, the company has become one of the largest telecom companies in Southeast Asia.

In private life Chearavanont graduated in 1949. Every time he has established himself as a successful businessman in Southeast Asia through his business.

Country: Thailand

Net worth: US 31.9 billion

Asia Rank: 10

This report is the latest compilation from Forbes Real-Time worth.

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