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Top IT Companies in Kolkata

Many people want to know about the IT companies in Kolkata. If you want to know more about IT companies in Kolkata then this post is for you. India is one of the top IT countries in the world. The country has a large number of skilled engineers in the IT sector. As a result, India’s IT industry has improved tremendously. As a result, the contribution of the IT sector to the overall economy of the country is significant. IT companies are constantly competing. In the face of increasing competition, many IT companies have sprung up in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, India. In Kolkata, besides local companies, there are also branches of foreign companies. As a result, the IT companies in Kolkata have become quite efficient in keeping pace with the outside world. Let’s find out about Kolkata IT companies-

1. Cognizant

Cognizant is one of the best IT companies in Kolkata. It is an American multinational information technology company. The company operates in 170 countries. It is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. Although an American company, most of its employees are Indian. 70% of the total workforce is Indian. Judging by the number, it is about 2 lakhs. TrueTime, a British IT company, is used to manage employees’ work time.

Like other IT companies, there are benches of unskilled workers. Generally, if an employee is unscheduled from a project, he / she gets 30 days on behalf of his / her department to find another project. When for some reason these 30 days are over, they get a place on the corporate bench. There is an additional 60 days. There is a proposal to change this rule to 30 days. This cognizant can be one of the job platforms for the youth.

Address: Technocomplex, Saltlake Electronic Complex, Plot GN-34/3, Sector-V, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091.

2. IBM

IBM is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. It is an American multinational technology company. The company operates in 170 countries. It is headquartered in Armangk, New York, USA. The company started as a computing-tabulating-recording company in 1911, renamed “International Business Machines” in 1924.

IBM provides manufacturing-marketing, and hosting-consulting services for computer hardware, middleware, and computer software for nanotechnology from mainframe computers.

Gradually IBM changed their business and entered a more expensive and profitable market. Printer maker Lexmark was bought in 1991 to sell their PC (ThinkPad / ThinkCenter) and the X86-based server business was part of that change with Lenovo.

Address: EP Block, Sector V, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091.

3. TCS

TCS is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. It is an Indian multinational IT company. Tata Consultancy Limited (TCS) is going to take its place as an IT service provider. The company is a subsidiary of Tata Group. The company is headquartered in Mumbai. TCS is one of the largest IT services companies in the world. The company has spread to about 46 countries.

Tata Consultancy Services was established in 1968. At that time it was called Tata Computer Center. Later, in the 1990s, the company underwent unprecedented growth. The company has offices in about 20 cities in India. The company also has offices in many places outside India.

Address: 1A, AA II, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700135.

4. Reliance

Reliance is one of the best IT companies in Kolkata. An Indian multinational company. It is headquartered in Mumbai. The largest publicly traded company in India by market capitalization.

The company ranks 155th on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s largest corporations as of 2021. Reliance continues to be India’s largest exporter, accounting for 8% of India’s total product exports and access to markets in more than 100 countries.

Reliance IT fills a gap in today’s IT services market by providing powerful and affordable IT-based productivity enhancement services to small and medium enterprises.

The company is founded by IT professionals with decades of IT consulting experience for large and small enterprises. Reliance IT builds partnerships with client companies through our extensive network of connectivity and outsourcing experience, bringing effective, affordable solutions to enhance business processes and productivity.

Address; Himalaya House 8th Floor, 38 B J L Nehru Road.

5. PWC

PWC is a well known IT company in Kolkata. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), a UK-based multinational tax, audit and consulting firm. This organization ranks as the second largest professional service network in the world. The firm was established in September 1998. The company has spread to 157 countries around the world. The company employs about 284,000 people.

The company is highly skilled in various domains including consulting tax finance and accounting commission design and communication information technology. In addition, the organization builds management skills through experienced technicians.

The firm’s current organization was completed in 1998 with the merger of two accounting firms. The two companies are Coopers and Leibrand and Price Waterhouse.

Address: Plot Nos 56 & 57 Block DN-57, Sector-V, Salt Lake Electronics Complex, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091.

6. Accenture

Accenture is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. It is an Ireland-based multinational professional IT company. It was established in 1989. It has been incorporated in Dublin, Ireland since 2009.

Accenture earned $ 50.53 billion in 2021. One of the company’s clients is Fortune Global. The company’s work includes business technology strategy, strategy, operations strategy services, as well as technology, business and management consulting services.

Accenture was started in the early 1950’s as the business and technology consulting division of the accounting firm Arthur Andersen. When it conducts a feasibility study for General Electric to install a computer in Appliance Park, Louisville, Kentucky.

Address: Unitech Hi-Tech Structures Limited (It / Ites Sez), Block No. Dh Plot no. DH1, DH2, DH3, Next to Gate No: 3, Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156.

7. Wipro

Wipro is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. It is an Indian multinational company. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The company conducts various types of business. One of them is information technology and consulting.

Wipro was established in 2002 as a software technology company in India. The company provides global IT advice. Wipro strives to adapt its customers to 2020 in a variety of ways, using the power of hyper-automation, cognitive computing, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies. The company employs a large number of employees, bringing the total to 22,000. The company has been successfully providing its services in about 6 continents.

Wipro parent company was founded in 1945. The company was incorporated by Mohammad Premji as Western India Products, later abbreviated as Wipro. It was initially established as a manufacturer of vegetable and refined oil in Amalnar, Maharashtra, British India under the trade name of Kisan, Sunflower and Camel.

Address: 1, 7, 8 & 9, DM Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091.

8. Capgemini

Capgemini is on the list of Kolkata IT companies. It is one of the world’s leading IT companies based in France. The company is headquartered in Paris, France. The IT company was founded in 1967 by Serge Camp as an enterprise management and data processing company. Cap Gemini Sogeti began US operations in 1981. It employs 500 people in 20 branches across the United States.

Popular IT company Capgemini has 300,000 employees in more than 50 countries. Of which about 125,000 are in India. One of the organization’s diverse operations is that the group is at the forefront of innovation to meet the full potential of clients in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. In May 2020, Ayman Izzat replaced Paul Hermione as CEO. Paul Hermione continues as chairman of the board.

Address: Candor Infospace Complex, Tower A3 1st Floor, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156.

9. ITC Infotech

ITC Infotech is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. ITC Infotech is one of the leading IT companies in India. The company is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. India’s ITC Infotech provides business-friendly solutions to help clients succeed and be future-ready. It also integrates seamlessly with digital skills, strong industry-specific alliances and the ability to gain deep domain skills from ITC Group businesses.

ITC has a diverse presence in industries such as FMCG, Hotels, Software, Packaging, Paperboard, Special Papers and Agribusiness. It employs 36,500 people in over 60 locations across India.

Infotech works with banking and financial services through a combination of traditional and new business models as long-term sustainable partners. It also provides technological solutions and services in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, consumer goods, travel and hospitality.

Address: Kolkata   Virginia House, 37 J. L. Nehru Road

10. HCL

HCL is on the list of Kolkata IT companies. HCL is an India-based multinational IT and consulting firm. The company is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Indian IT company started as an independent company in 1991 when HCL entered the software services business. HCL’s parent company was established in 1976. This organization has continued its activities in about 50 countries of the world. The company has been providing IT services worldwide with more than 1 lakh 87 thousand employees.

HCL offers a wide range of services including capital markets, healthcare, aerospace and defense, chemical and processing industries, energy and utilities, high-tech, industrial manufacturing. Also works across the consumer goods, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, media and entertainment, mining and co-sectors.

The founder of the company is Shiv Nadar. In 1976, Shivnarayan set up a personal computer manufacturing company with a six-member engineer. Which later took part in the capital market. At that time the name of the company was changed to Hindustan Computer Limited. HCL later emerged as a technology services company in 1991.

Address: CANDOR Kolkata One Hi-Tech Structure Pvt. Ltd Special Economic Zone – IT / ITES, Plot No – 1, Block No. A3, DH Street No: 316 3rd Floor & 4th Floor, New Town, Rajarhat, Dist :, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156.

11. Intlum

Intlum is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. An IT company based in Kolkata, India. The company is a hub for high quality, affordable, reliable and results-driven web and ecommerce solutions for clients worldwide. Intalam activities specialize in web design, web development, ecommerce development, web application development, cloud software development, mobile app development, SEO services, digital marketing and much more.

Internet companies employ a number of skilled workers in the IT sector. This Indian company offers web solutions that are aesthetically shaped, feature-rich, functional, and massively scalable to suit your business transformation and future improvement.

Address: 107 Rabindra Sarani Durganagar India – Kolkata 700065.

12. TechMahindra

Techmahindra is on the list of Kolkata IT companies. It is an India-based multinational IT and services consulting firm. It is headquartered in Pune, India. The Indian IT company was jointly established in 1986 with British Telecom. With 125,236 employees, the company has been providing IT services in almost 90 countries around the world. The company has created a global network of information technology worldwide. In March 2021, Tech Mahindra partnered with US-based business intelligence analytics company Thotspot.

Some of the sectors that TechMahindra provides services are Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Experience Design Services, Business Process Services, Network Services Testing Services, Business Excellence Services, Integrated Engineering Solutions, Performance Engineering, Telecom Product Engineering, ETA Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber ​​Security, Customer Experience, Digital Supply Chain, Intelligent Automation.

Anand Mahindra is the founder of Tech Mahindra. British Telecom initially owned about 30 per cent stake in Tech Mahindra. In December 2010, British Telecom Tech sold 5.5 per cent stake in Mahindra to Mahindra & Mahindra for Rs 451 crore.

Address: AA II, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700135.

13. L&T Infotech

L&T Infotech is on the list of Kolkata IT companies. It is an India-based multinational IT services and consulting firm. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, India. In 2017, it became a service company in India. The company was established in 1996 in India. At the time, LTI was a wholly owned subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro (L&T). Subsequently, in 2001, the name of the company was changed from L&T Information Technology Limited to Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited.

L&T Infotech is bringing its IT services to around 50 countries around the world. Has built a strong global customer network. The services provided by the company include engineering, construction, manufacturing, technology and financial services, cyber security, consulting, application management, cyber defense resilience services, assurance and quality engineering, building the agile enterprise, cloud etc.

In addition, L&T is the core, high-impact sector of the economy, and integrated capabilities extend across the entire spectrum of ‘design to delivery’. The organization is characterized by professionalism and high standards of corporate governance in every aspect of business. L&T was among the top 15 IT service providers worldwide in a 2017 report.

Address: No. 3B, Shakespeare Sarani Rd, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071

14. Infinity

Infinity is on the list of Kolkata IT companies. It is an India based IT company. The IT service activities of the organization are not very huge. Provides various types of IT support, including IT, parks, houses, townships, offices, rental places, hotels and leisure destinations.

Infinity Kolkata is the first intelligent IT-enabled workplace. This is why the company is credited with creating the think tank. Infinity has expanded as a Kolkata-based company to do significant work in the field of IT and infrastructure. Infinity Kolkata has a reputation as an award winning IT company.

Address; Infinity, Tower II Plot A3, Block GP, Sector V Salt Lake Electronics Complex Kolkata – 700091, West Bengal, India

15. KPMG

KPMG is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG) is a British-Dutch multinational professional service network and one of the Big Four accounting firms. The company was founded in 1987. The company is headquartered in Amstelveen, Netherlands. Although the company is headquartered in the Netherlands, it is a UK-based company.

KPMG has 236,000 employees spread across 145 countries around the world and has been providing IT services. In addition, the company has been involved in litigation for over a decade, regulating various parts of the firm’s global affiliate network.

One of the services that the company will provide is Audit & Assurance, Tax & Legal, Advisory, Private Enterprise, Accounting etc.

Address: Infinity Benchmark, Plot No. G-1, 10th floor, Block – EP & GP, Sector – V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata.

16. Deloitte

Deloitte is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. The company is a UK-based multinational professional network services and IT company. This IT company was established in 1945.

Deloitte has expanded its network to more than 150 destinations around the world and is coming up with its IT services worldwide. Deloitte is the world’s largest professional service network based on the number of professionals. Besides, this IT company is one of the big for accounting companies.

The company offers a wide range of IT services, including financial advisory, risk advisory, audit, consulting, tax and legal services. Deloitte has been providing IT services worldwide with 334,800 employees.

Deloitte was recognized in 2020 as the third largest privately owned company in the United States. William Welch Deloitte is the founder of this Deloitte IT company in the United Kingdom.

Address: 11, RDB Blvd, GP Block, Sector V, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091.

17. Genpact

Genpact is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. An American professional service organization. The company is headquartered in New York City, USA. The US company Genpact started in 1997 as a unit within General Electric. In 2007, Genpact launched a joint venture with NDTV, an Indian company to provide outsourcing services to the media industry.

The services that this US company provides are KPO, BPO, Outsourcing, Consulting etc.

In June 2017, Genpact Cora announced it was creating an artificial intelligence (AI) based platform for an enterprise. The platform has an application program interface (API) design and open architecture.

Address: 6th Asyst Park GN 37, 1, Street Number 17, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091.

18. British Telecom

British Telecom is on the list of Kolkata IT companies. It is a British multinational telecommunications holding company. The company is headquartered in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. British Telecom was founded in 1846. The British Telecom brand was launched in 1980. British Telecom has established its business operations in about 180 countries around the world. The company has built a huge network system in the global IT sector.

The services that British Telecom provides in the IT sector are equipment, digital television, IT and network services, home security, telecommunications, etc.

Address: A A II, Newtown, Chakpachuria, West Bengal 700135.

19. Ericson

Ericsson is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. Ericsson is a Swedish-based manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and IT products. The company was founded in Swedish in 1876. It is headquartered in Kist, Stockholm. The company provides most of the software and infrastructure related services.

Ericsson is working on developing 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g networks worldwide. The services that the company provides are telecommunication, networking, IT services, cell phones. The founder of Ericsson is Lars Mangus Ericsson.

Address: 700, DLF IT Park II, Block 1A, Plot No. II-F / 1, 156, AA II, Newtown, New Town, West Bengal 700135.

20. SAP

SAP is on the list of Kolkata IT companies. It is a German multinational software corporation. It is situated in Walldorf, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. SAP was established in 1972.

SAP is the largest German company in terms of market capitalization Again the largest non-American software company in terms of revenue.

The sex sectors that SAP works with are ERP software, database software and technology (especially its own brand), cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products.

A 2016 survey found that SAP was the third largest software and programming company in the world. The company operates in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North America and South America.

Address: 5th Floor, Metro Towers, 1, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kankaria Estates, Park Street Area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071.

21. Micro base Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Micro base Infotech is on the list of Kolkata IT companies. It is an IT company of India. The company is headquartered in Kolkata. The company has over 400 customers. Initiated 1000 projects. The services provided by this organization are website designing, software development, digital marketing, data analytics etc.

Micro base Infotech is well known in Kolkata for its efficient IT services.

Address: GD-302, Sector 3, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700 106, India

22. Bacpost

Bancpost is on the list of Kolkata IT companies. Is a small startup IT company based in Kolkata, India. The company solves IT and software problems. It is a small privately owned company in Kolkata.

Address: Kalikapur, Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700124.

23. XigmaPro Software Pvt. Ltd

XigmaPro Software Pvt. Ltd. is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. Ltd. It is an India based software company. This company works as a partner company of Google. Initially the company started with web development and design work. Currently Digital Marketing, Loud Consulting Services is attached to this organization.

Address: IA 229, Saltlake, Sector 3, Kolkata (India) – 700106.

24. Skm Software

Skm Software is on the list of Kolkata IT companies. It is an Indian IT services company. The company has skilled experience working in the IT sector. The company has at least 500 loyal clients. These trusted companies have been providing services in the field of information technology Skm software.

Among the things that Skm Software does are the company’s custom web design and development, mobile application development and digital marketing.


25. Syscon Infotech

Syscon Infotech is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. It is an India based IT company. The company manages and operates solutions according to the needs of the customers. The organization operates with three goals in mind: quality, innovation and excellence.

The IT services that the company provides are Software development, Website development, SEO, Email marketing, App development.

The company provides their IT services worldwide. Siscon Infotech was founded on 28 April 1998 and has been providing services in the IT sector.

26. NetTrackers

NetTrackers is on the list of IT companies in Kolkata. It is a UK based IT company. NetTrackers is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. This organization implements a beautiful work plan within the desired budget of the clients. NetTrackers provides a complete service with web designers, bloggers, search engine optimizers and programmers.

Address: DA 140, Sector-1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064

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