Indian Army Hair Cutting Style

Indian Army Hair Cutting Style Name and Photo List

Today we will learn more about Indian Army Hair Cutting Style Name and Photo List. We already know various aspects of the Indian Army. There is a lot of talk about their different hair styles in different parts of the world. Traditionally, the Indian Army at one time cut hair only for the Indian Army. But over time, that is likely to change. Hair styles have become very popular among the common people.

In the military, keeping short hair or keeping long hair short usually serves as one of the tactics of war. It is known that in the early days when soldiers went to war they had to wear helmets. As a result, their hair would become very sweaty and rough due to lack of adequate care. Which caused them irritation. And imitations made it difficult for them to focus on the war. That’s why soldiers decide to keep their hair short or cut their hair. And it becomes a trend.

It is also often heard that soldiers do not keep their hair long so that soldiers can concentrate on training without wasting time on cleaning and caring for their hair.

In recent years popular military haircuts such as undercut, fade, crew cut, lightning cut, high and tight, long buzz cut fade, high fade etc. are also used by men.

Indian Army Haircut

Indian Army haircuts are popular among young people because they are easy to maintain and help to complement the aesthetics. If you are looking for a neat and classic look, you can choose an Indian army hairstyle.

Indian Army Haircut Style Name and Photo List

1. IVY League Haircut

IVY League haircut tops the list of Indian Army haircut styles. IVY League haircuts are one of the most popular in the Indian Army. One of the reasons for this is the most stylish military haircut of the Indian Army. So this modern style haircut is more popular among the younger generation. Ivy League haircut hair is short on the side and thick with a side parting in the middle.

2. Indian Army cut

The Indian Army haircut is the second most popular haircut in the Indian Army. Indian Army Car is the most popular hairstyle of Indian Army. Traditionally it has been used by the Indian Army as a very old style. Although this hair card has not gained much popularity among the younger generation. But the Indian Army seems to have a different variety of haircuts. The trend of cutting hair in new style in summer is a little more.

3. Regulation cut

Regulation cut ranks third on the list of Indian Army haircut styles. Regulation cut is a popular method of modern hair cutting for Indian soldiers. The hair in the middle stays straight and the skin on the side becomes pale. This hairstyle is great for those who need well-groomed hair but do not want to shave their hair during the process. Hairstyles are suitable for almost all people and go best with corporate players.

4. High and Tight

High and tight is the fourth position in the list of Indian Army haircut styles. In this, the length of the hair is maintained and the side is shaved. The strategy is to find out what type suits a person and improve the person’s characteristics. This is a military variant of crew cut. One of the most beautiful and popular cut methods for an Indian army.

5. Crew Cut

The crew cut ranks fifth on the list of Indian Army haircut styles. This is a retro style cut where the hair fades into a round shape and the side partings. Hairstyles add more definition to one’s face. This is one of the legendary haircuts and hairstyles of the Indian Army.

6. Induction or lightning cut

Induction or lightning cut ranks sixth in the list of Indian Army haircut styles.To cut this hair, no maintenance is required and it was used to prevent the spread of lice among the soldiers. The hair is shorter than the groom’s cut and is suitable for square or oval face.

7. Military Fade Haircut

Military faded haircuts are in the seventh position in the list of Indian Army haircuts.

Army personnel have short hair on top that fades to the size of the neck. Army members choose this hairstyle because it prevents the opposing army from holding the hair in battle. A very common haircut for men in the Indian Army.

8. Burr cut

Burr Cut ranks seventh on the list of Indian Army Haircuts. This haircut is very trendy among young people. The burr cuts, the hairs in the middle of the head are very short along the shaved side. The hairstyle looks good on almost all hair types and faces.

9. Flat top Haircut

The flat top haircut ranks nineth on the list of Indian Army haircut styles. As the name implies, hair is straightened and trimmed horizontally. Young people like this trendy haircut and have adopted it in a more modern way.

10. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut ranks tenth on the list of Indian Army haircut styles. The hair is very short, with sharp edges fading. The sharp sides can be adjusted as required.

Note that there is no exemption for women in the Indian Army. They need to have short hair like men during training. Women avoid keeping their hair in very tight bun.

How many types of Indian Army haircuts?

There are different types of Indian Army haircuts including Regulation Cut, Bar Cut, Military Cut, High & Tight, Undercut and Butch Cut.

What is the longest military cut?

According to an Indian Army personnel, visible hair outside caps / hats worn by Army personnel needs to be cut and shaved to help maintain hygiene.

What is the best army haircut?

Regulation cut, high and tight, bar cut, military cut, induction or lightning cut, flat top haircut, undercut, ivy league haircut, crew cut and butch cut are some of the best hairstyles of Indian Army.

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