Dhaka University D Unit Subject List 2022

One of the units of Dhaka University is D Unit. This unit is integrated unit. That is, in this unit, the students of these three departments of science, commerce and humanities can take the exam. Today I will know, how many seats are in Dhaka University D unit and how the seats are divided for which department.

In the beginning, let’s know about the change of category. Many of you have studied science in higher secondary. But in university you want to study commerce or humanities. And for that you have to change category. Similarly, in commerce department and humanities department, if students leave their department and go to another department, it will be change of department.

And the department change unit in Dhaka University is D Unit. In this unit, students of three departments of science, commerce and humanities can appear for the exam. In Dhaka University, most applicants apply for D unit and the competition is very high in this unit.

The total number of seats in D Unit of Dhaka University is 1570. But this seat is again divided into three categories. While most of the seats are for Science stream, there are also few seats for Commerce stream. But the seats are very less for Humanities, only 25 seats are allotted.

Number of Seats in Dhaka University D Unit.

D Unit has 5 Faculties and 5 Institutes. And the total number of subjects is 55. The faculties are –

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Biology

Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Business Education

The institutes under D Unit are –

Institute of Social Welfare and Research

Institute of Health Economics

Institute of Education and Research

Institute of Disaster Management

Institute of Modern Languages

D unit has the most number of seats in science department. Total seats are 905. Let’s see how many seats are allotted for science department in any subject.


Now let’s talk about the humanitarian department. There are only 25 seats in D unit for humanities department. And they can get admission in only 11 subjects. Have you seen how many seats are allotted in D unit for humanities?

Dhaka University D Unit Application Eligibility

Students seeking admission in Dhaka University need to have at least one qualification. The entrance exam eligibility is different for different units. Today we will discuss Dhaka University D unit application eligibility. D Unit of Dhaka University is basically Faculty of Social Sciences. Students of Humanities Business Education and Science Department of D-Unit can apply for admission. As the admission eligibility for each department is different so the application eligibility for D unit is also different. Dhaka University D Unit Application Eligibility is given below

Candidates for D unit admission of Dhaka University must have passed secondary or equivalent examination from 2016 to 2019 and higher secondary or equivalent examination in 2021 from any branch of humanities, business education and science.

A minimum score of 3.0 in the Higher Secondary Examination is required to participate in the admission test. Otherwise the application will not be accepted.

Students coming from Humanities stream (including Madrasa Education Board) must have GPA sum of 7.5 in secondary and higher secondary examination. Minimum GPA will be 3.00 in both exams.

Business Education Diploma in Business Studies Diploma-in-Commerce and Business Management Students coming from Secondary and Higher Secondary or equivalent examinations must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in both Secondary and Higher Secondary examinations.

Students coming from Science, Agriculture and Home Economics streams of Science Madrasa Education Board should have a minimum of GPA sum obtained in secondary and higher secondary examination (including fourth subject). GPA cannot be less than 3.5 in both exams.

All of you who prepare for change of category are very brave. Hope you can reach your goal. Good luck.

D Unit Admission Test System

This year a total of 120 marks exam will be held according to the new circular. Out of 120 Marks, 75 for MCQ and 45 is for the written Exam. The marks distribution of the D Unit is given below.

MCQ Exam (75 Marks)

  • Bangla (16 x 1.25) = 20
  • English (16 x 1.25) = 20
  • General Knowledge (28 x 1.25) = 75

It is noted that the total time duration of the admission test exam is 45 minutes. For each Negative answer you 0.30 marks will be reduced from the total marks.

Written Exam (40 Minutes)

  • Bangla – 15
  • English – 15
  • General Knowledge (Analytical) -15

An A-level student should have to answer Advanced English instead of Bangla.

Dhaka University D Unit Subject List

D Unit of Dhaka University has total 54 subjects. A total of 1336 students can be admitted in these 54 subjects from the Department of Humanities, Business Education and Science. You all know that Dhaka University is the first among the top universities in Bangladesh. Every year, many students apply for the examination in Dhaka University. From this, after the preliminary selection phase, students can participate in the admission test. In this part of our discussion we will discuss about Dhaka University D Unit Subject List. If a student passes the admission test in D Unit of Dhaka University, the following subjects can be admitted. However, the student can choose the subject according to the merit list passed in the admission test. Let’s take a look at the Dhaka University D Unit Subject List

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